SEO Tool Results for Clients

How important is acquiring new business?  For these clients it was very important.  Important enough to spend time  ensuring time and money spent on  changes they make to their websites are going to result in  increase business. Each of these  clients had used more than a few of the well publicized  seo tools out there in the past with limited success or no results.

Enter SEOtool to save the day!

Following  will simply be graphics from 2 of our clients  detailing increases in rankings and traffic after they began utilizing our SEOtool.   I could fill up pages and pages with this type of information, but for now here are 2.

I think it will be fairly obvious WHEN they began using our SEO tool and also what the  positive takeaway for our clients has been.

Example Client 1 Increase in total rankings:

increase in keywords ranked due to seo tool

The Same same client above  also enjoyed this  Increase in Traffic as a result of the above increases in search phrase rankings:



And the 2nd Client Example :


Increase in total number of organic search rankings after utilizing our SEO tool.


And This Client (as do all SEOool clients) enjoyed the increased benefits of these rankings in the form of Increases in Traffic

These are just 2 clients of many that have all used SEOtool in the manner described in my previous post about the how to use SEOtool to realize the full potential of your website.

How it happened was pretty straightforward.  SEOtool Runs and shows the website owner what they need to change. The changes were made and more rankings were secured and thus rankings and  buying and revenue generating traffic increase.

SEOtool makes it easy.  Our clients know what to change, when to change, and how to change to achieve  revenue driving results.


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